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What are the system requirements to use Provider Tools?

The requirements to use the various Provider Tools, including electronic submission are:

  • an Internet connection (56K modem or high-speed connection)
  • a Web browser (Download a current version of Internet Explorer.)
  • a username and password supplied by Fallon Health Weinberg

What if I need help using Fallon Health Weinberg's Provider Tools?

Fallon Health Weinberg will be happy to assist you. Please contact our EDI coordinators at 1-855-827-2003 or via email:

How do I search by account number or claim number?

All searches require that a claim status be selected. When searching by account number or claim number, select the claim status of "All."

How can I be sure the information is secure going over the internet?

This site uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the highest level of encryption currently available. Once you are logged into the Fallon Health Weinberg site, all information transferred is sent using SSL. When you are accessing pages on this website, there is a lock icon located on the bottom right of your browser window.

Can another Fallon Health Weinberg-contracted provider view my claims information?

No, Fallon Health Weinberg limits access to claims information by your provider identification number. Fallon Health Weinberg is committed to keeping information secure and confidential.

How can I give access to new employees and remove access for employees who no longer work for me?

To obtain access for new employees, please complete a Provider Tool registration packet (pdf). Please notify Fallon Health Weinberg immediately at 1-855-827-2003 to disable access for employees who have terminated employment.

How do I download a claims metric report?

One-click reports are always in the format of a download. When running search criteria, you are given the option to "view results on-screen" or "download to file." Choose "download to file." Your data will be transmitted in a comma separated, or ".csv," format. Click Continue from the claims download page. Note that the approximate size and time to download will display based on your Internet connection. Next, a file download box will appear, and you have the option to open the file or save the file to your computer. Open the data using a spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel), and you then may sort the data in any way that you choose.

I am successful at downloading files, but it takes a lot of time. Is there a faster way?

How fast your file downloads depends on the size of the file and your Internet connection method. Broadband connection via cable or DSL will result in much faster downloads than a 56K modem connection.
You may also limit your search criteria by selecting a specific claim status at a time.

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